Monday, July 18, 2022

Alex Hamner




BORN:  September 29, 1963 in Loma Linda, California

PLAYS:  Right handed 



Oceanside High School

Oceanside, California


Bachelor of Science, Accountancy

California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach, California



A regular contributor to Pickleball Magazine with Jennifer Lucore via their column, “Around the Post” and an occasional live-feed commentator for tournaments, Alex has also worked with as an advisor, contributor, and commentator to help grow the sport she loves. In addition, Alex was on the founding board of the International Pickleball Teachers Professional Association (IPTPA) which developed teaching standards for the sport of pickleball.


2010 USAPA National Tournament

            Open Mixed Doubles          Silver (with Tony Negrete)


2011 USAPA National Tournament

            Open Women’s Doubles     Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)


2012 USAPA National Tournament

            Open Women’s Doubles     Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)


2013 USAPA National Tournament

            Women’s Doubles 35+        Silver (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Open Women’s Singles      Gold

            Open Women’s Doubles     Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)


2013 Tournament of Champions

            Open Women’s Doubles     Silver (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Open Mixed Doubles          Silver (with Dan Gabanek)


2014 USAPA Nationals VI

            Women’s Doubles 35+         Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Sr Open Women’s Singles   Gold

            Open Mixed Doubles           Silver (with Matthew Blom)

            Open Women’s Doubles      Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Mixed Doubles 35+              Bronze (with Matthew Blom)


2014 Tournament of Champions

            Open Women’s Doubles      Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Open Mixed Doubles           Bronze (with Matthew Blom)

            Open Women’s Singles       Gold



2015 USAPA Nationals VII

            Women’s Singles 50+         Silver

            Women’s Doubles 35+        Silver (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Sr Open Women’s Singles  Bronze

            Mixed Doubles 50+             Bronze (with Brian Staub)              


2015 Tournament of Champions

            Women’s Doubles               Gold (with Jennifer Lucore) 

               Masters Open


2016 US Open Pickleball Championships

            Mixed Doubles 30+             Gold (with Wesley Gabrielsen)

            Women’s Doubles 50+        Silver (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Women’s Doubles Pro        Bronze (with Jennifer Lucore)


2016 Tournament of Champions

            Women’s Doubles               Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)

               Legends Open      

            Mixed Doubles                    Silver (with Scott Clayson)

               Legends Open


2016 USAPA Nationals VIII

            Women’s Doubles 50+        Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Sr Open Mixed Doubles      Silver (with Brian Staub)     

            Sr Open Women’s               Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)



2017 US Open Pickleball Championships

            Women’s Doubles 50+        Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Mixed Doubles 50+             Gold (with Scott Moore)

            Sr Women’s Doubles Pro    Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)


2017 Pickleball Canada National Tournament

            Women’s Doubles Open      Silver (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Mixed Doubles                     Bronze (with Scott Clayson)

               Sr Open 50+


2017 Tournament of Champions PPF

            Mixed Doubles                     Gold (with Scott Moore)

               Sr Pro Open

            Women’s Doubles                Silver (with Jennifer Lucore) 

               Senior Pro Open


2017 USAPA National Championships IX

            Women’s Doubles 50+ 5.0  Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)

            Mixed Doubles 50+ 5.0       Gold (with Scott Moore)

            Sr Open Women’s               Bronze (with Jennifer Lucore)


            Sr Open Mixed Doubles      Silver (with Scott Moore)


2018 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships

            Women’s Doubles 50+        Silver (with Jennifer Lucore)


2018 Tournament of Champions

            Sr Mixed Doubles Pro         Bronze (with Scott Moore)

            Sr Women’s Doubles Pro    Bronze (with Jennifer Lucore)


2018 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships X

            Mixed Doubles 5.0 55+       Gold (with Scott Moore)

            Women’s Doubles 5.0 50+  Silver (with Jennifer Lucore)


2019 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships

            Mixed Doubles 25+              Bronze (with Tyler Loong)

            Women’s Doubles 45+        T-Gold (with Jennifer Lucore)


2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships XI

            Women’s Doubles 5.0 50+  Bronze (with Jennifer Lucore)


2020 PPA Championship

            Mixed Doubles Sr Pro         Bronze (with Kevin Booth)


2014 Pickleball Rocks Player(s) of the Year (doubles team with Jennifer Lucore).

Awarded two “John A. Gullo Award Rings” in 2019 for her accomplishments at Tournament of Champions. Inducted into the Pickleball Hall of Fame in 2020.



Alex grew up in a tennis-playing family but played collegiate field hockey where her team reached #4 in the country. In the summer of 1984 Alex won her first ever gold medal – when her women’s team won the Disneyland Cast Member Olympics in the canoe races around Tom Sawyer Island. 😊 When Alex was 30 she started playing tennis again, and a few years later met Jennifer Lucore who became her doubles partner. A decade or so after that Alex and Jennifer started playing pickleball … and the rest is history! 

Alex resides in Carlsbad, CA where she and her husband of over 30 years have a small accounting practice. She has two sons who, as well as being fine young men, each have several Junior Pickleball National Championship titles to their names! Alex shares one additional important thing: #itwasthedog