Sunday, March 13, 2022

Gigi LeMaster



BORN:  JULY 15, 1966, Begium

PLAYS: Right handed




Accounting - Languages



USA Pickleball Ambassador
USA Pickleball Certified Referee
Former USA Pickleball Tournament Chair
Founding supporter of IPTPA
IPTPA Certified Coach/Director of IPTPA Training and Testing Center
Former President of Arizona Traditions (AZT) Pickleball Club
Founding member of Surprise Pickleball Association (SPA)
Volunteer coach for Dysart High School District
Donated first traveling trophy for interscholastic pickleball tournament in the Dysart High School District
Contributed to and is on the cover of the first official USA Pickleball Book of Pickleball Fundamentals
Co-Tournament Director of 2012 USA Pickleball (USAPA) Nationals
Former Tournament Director of SPA tournaments
Designed the official medal of the 2012 USAPA Nationals
Founder of the first money tournament with prize money for all skill levels and paid referees. 



-       2011 Bronze USAPA Nationals Doubles 35+

-       2012 Silver USAPA Nationals Doubles 19+

-       2012 Silver USAPA Nationals Mixed 19+

-       2013 Silver USAPA Nationals Singles 19+

-       2013 Gold Tournament of Champions Mixed

-       2013 Gold Tournament of Champions Doubles

-       2014 Gold USAPA Nationals Mixed

-       2014 Silver Tournament of Champions Mixed

-       2014 Silver Tournament of Champions Doubles

-       2015 Gold USAPA Nationals Doubles

-       2015 Gold USAPA Nationals Doubles 19+

-       2015 Silver USAPA Nationals Mixed 19+

-       2016 Gold Netherlands International Doubles

-       2016 Gold Canadian Nationals Doubles

-       2016 Gold Canadian Nationals Mixed

-       2016 Gold US Open Mixed 45+

-       2016 Gold US Open Doubles 19+

-       2016 Silver US Open Mixed Pro

-       2016 Silver Tournament of Champions WD Legends

-       2017 Gold Finland International Doubles

-       2017 Gold Finland International Mixed

-       2017 Gold Brigham City Memorial Tournament PPF Rocky Mountain Championships Mixed Pro Senior

-       2017 Bronze US Open Mixed 50+

-       2017 Gold US Open Doubles 30+

-       2017 Gold US Open Doubles Senior Pro

-       2017 Triple Gold Fall Brawl WD 50-59 5.0, MXD 50-54 5.0, WD All Ages 5.0

-       2017 Gold PPF Bend Senior Pro Mixed

-       2017 Gold PPF Bend Senior Pro Doubles

-       2017 Gold USAPA Nationals Doubles Senior Open

-       2018 Silver US Open Mixed 50+

-       2018 Gold US Open Doubles Senior Pro

-       2018 Gold US Open Doubles 45+

-       2018 Bronze Texas Open Senior Pro Mixed

-       2018 Gold Texas Open Senior Pro Doubles

-       2018 Bronze USAPA Nationals Senior Open Doubles

-       2018 Bronze USAPA Nationals Mixed 50+

-       2018 Gold Fall Brawl Doubles 35+ & 50+

-       2019 Gold 2X Grand Canyon State Games

-       2020 Gold Southwest Regional Mixed 35+

-       2020 Silver Southwest Regional Doubles 50+

-       2021 Bronze PPA Desert Ridge Doubles Senior Pro

-       2021 Bronze Tournament of Champions Mixed Senior Pro

-       2021 Silver Pickleball Hall of Fame Championships Doubles 50+

-       2021 Silver Pickleball Hall of Fame Championships Mixed 50+

-       2022 Gold Tommy Wong Memorial Doubles 50+

-       2022 Silver Tommy Wong Memorial Mixed 50+

-       2022 Silver PPA Desert Ridge Open Mixed Senior Pro


Recipient of the Tommy Wong Pickleball Service Award
Recipient of the Tournament of Champions Ring for 1st winner in both doubles and mixed

On the cover of the 1st edition of Pickleball Magazine
She is one of the few pro players to have her own Signature Gigi LeMaster paddle made by EngagePickleball 



Gigi found pickleball in 2011. With no prior paddle/racket sport background, she worked her way through the skill levels from 2.0 to reach Pro level status in 2013. That was the year she won the biggest prize purse ever paid up to that time in pickleball history, winning both mixed and women’s doubles events at the Tournament of Champions. Early in her pickleball playing career, Gigi recognized that she didn’t have the hard shots to overpower her opponents and realized she needed to play smarter, not harder. Her love of the soft game earned her the nickname, “Queen of the Dink.” In her own words, “I fell in love with the power of the soft game.”


Gigi and husband John LeMaster


Gigi has been married to her husband John LeMaster for over 30 years. They started playing pickleball at the same time. John has contributed to the growth of pickleball as well. He was one of the first 5 official USA Pickleball certified referees in the nation and invented the “forward, backward slash” score keeping system. When home from traveling the world, they live in Surprise, Arizona.